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 About the Game

Lawn bowling is a venerable game that has been played since the time of Sir Walter Raleigh. It has a tradition of civility, but it is not stuffy. It is a sport, similar to curling, based on skill and precision, rather than speed and strength. Lawn bowling provides gentle exercise, camaraderie and a little bit of healthy competition. The game is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in North America and we hope to share the fun with more people locally. Don't be shy, give it a try .....

The games of lawn bowls takes place on a 120 feet by 120 feet of closely cut grass called a "green". A green is divided into rinks 14-16 feet wide. There are generally 8 rinks to a green.

Five types of games can be played:

  • Singles: one player against another, each player using four bowls.

  • Pairs: a team of two against two, each player using four bowls.

  • Triples: a team of three against three, each player using three bowls.

  • Fours: a team of four against four, each player using two bowls.

  • Cutthroat: three or four players playing against each other, each player using four bowls.

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