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 Playing the Game

First, a small white ball called a "jack" is delivered (rolled) down

the surface of the rink and centered.  Then, standing on a mat and

alternating, players deliver their bowls; the aim being to have their

bowls come to a stop as close as possible to the jack.

The trick is that the bowls are "biased" (eccentrically balanced) and, therefore, do not roll in a straight line, but curl towards the jack.  A player must decide where the bowl should come to rest and then deliver the bowl along this visualized "line of aim".  The "feel" of the green is another important element in the game and dictates the "weight" with which a bowl should be delivered e.g. less weight for a fast green or short distance, more for a heavy green of long distance.  The jack can be knocked and moved away (if lucky) from the opponent and closer to one's own bowls.

The game is made up of a predetermined number of "ends", which

consist of the playing of all the bowls of both sides in one direction

on the rink.

This is a simplified version of the game, and as you play more you

will learn more about the Ditches, Drive shots and Touchers.

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