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Jan 12, 2023



Here is an update and important notice.




There is to be no access to the clubhouse until after insurance work is completed. This means "ALL" as there is asbestos and is not safe.This will be lifted when the Contractor deems safe to enter.




1. The plumber has identified the cause, repaired the leak, and sent his report to the insurance company. It was a split in the hot water hose just under the kitchen tap. These were updated to stainless steel braided hoses. (this hose change will be done during the restoration throughout the clubhouse to prevent future damage)

2. The Electrician has come in and replaced all the breakers in the electrical panel in the hallway.

3. The Flooring company has been in, measured all areas, and recorded types of materials for replacement.

4. Lockbox placed at front gate for Contractor access to property.


We will continue to update membership as the work progresses.




CLBC Directorship

Jan 7, 2023

First off "Happy New Year to all". This message is to inform our Club membership of what is happening due to our leak and subsequent water damage to the clubhouse on January 4/23.


The Club Directors have decided to go ahead with an insurance claim for the damage. The deductible is $10,000.00, and that is why the board took a couple of extra days to look at funding. We have had a few people quickly volunteer donations and that helped make the decision to move forward. Work has already started on this process.


Donations: A Big Thank You to those who have already donated, and for anyone else interested in donating, please contact Brenda Golden (604-792-7914) or ( and she will record any pledges as Carol Jean is away on vacation. Brenda will record names and amounts, and this will remain private. The Directorship will not pass any of this information to other members.




1. Insurance company has been notified.

2. Contractor for restoration has been contacted.

3. Dehumidifiers and fans have been running for three days.

4. Contractor is being informed to start work this week.

5. Bill Sims and Brian Elliott removed some gyproc on walls and ceiling to improve drying of wood and stave off mold forming.




1. Do testing for hazardous materials.

2. Identify, fix, and certify plumbing ok as required by the insurance company.

3. Continue to remove damaged floors, walls and ceilings as required to dry out the building.

4. Spray areas to inhibit forming of mold.

5. Repair all damaged areas.

6. Certify that work is complete for normal operations again.

Dec 3, 2022

Christmas luncheon at clubhouse

June 15, 2022

Corky's lunch fundraiser and social after bowling.

April 28, 2022

Start of Bowling is pushed back until mid May to make sure greens are ready

March 8, 2022

Winter games Round-up dinner (April 23, 2022)

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